Stefan Kowal


My name is Stefan Kowal. I'm a software developer living in Denver, Colorado.

I have a BS in Computer Science and have passions in full-stack web development, teaching, pottery, game development, programming, blogging, and discovering up-and-coming bands.

I'm also the founder of, a webapp that allows for users to discover concerts in Denver, Colorado. ShowGo is different from other concert discovery apps in that it directly integrates with Facebook, allowing users to RSVP to events, keep track of what events their friends are interested in, and invite their friends to shows. Read more about ShowGo in the work section below.


Tech: JS +ES6, TypeScript, Angular 1+2, Java EE, Python, Mongo, Twitter/Facebook/Spotify APIs, web-scraping, system archictecture.

Soft: Teaching and presenting, curriculum development, technical interviews, technical writing, UX research.



Phone: (513) 884 9262

Haunts: Bardo Coffee House, Europa Coffee House, PoN pOn, WeWork LoHi





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As an advocate of local bands and live music, I've always wanted to better promote independent artists while also helping fans easily discover their new favorite musicians. makes that happen. Scroll through a feed of shows happening in Denver, click the play button to hear what bands sound like, add friends to keep track of the shows they're interested in, and invite friends to shows, all in one convenient place.

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A blog for programming and humor. A case study in understanding JS frameworks, I decided to manually create my own. whilefalse uses XML data to populate HTML templates via jQuery, the History API and PHP to perform manual routing, and dynamically loads content based on AJAX requests. Turns out that frameworks are quite convenient.

portfolio 2.0

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Take a gander. Custom built, inspired by portfolios from Tobias van Schneider, Colin Grist, and James Tupper.

portfolio 1.0

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A simple portfolio built with CSS animations and Bootstrap. FounderSummer 2017 - Present

Angular 2, Mongo + Mongoose, TypeScript, Node, Facebook Social Graph API, Google Custom Search API, and automated web-based data acquisition. Creating the social media component of this app involved tying in many of our actions with the Facebook API, but getting the bandcamp embeddable players to automatically populate based on the band information proved to be a challenge.

HackerRank: Challenge Curator Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

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Reviewing and editing HackerRank's programming challenges for clarity and brevity. View my HackerRank profile.

General Assembly: Teacher Fall 2016 - Present

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A teaching associate for front-end web development, full-stack web development, and Coding 101 workshops. Presents demos, lectures, white-board drawings and helps students in one-on-one meetings. View my General Assembly profile.

TCS: CenturyLink Spring 2016 - December 2016

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Software engineer consultant working with Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, Linux, and Oracle SQL DB to enhance and support bill payment services.

TCS: Red Hat Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

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TCS team leader and teacher for a team of four TCS consultants learning Red Hat's JBoss BPM Suite in preparation of contract work with Red Hat.

TCS: goIT Committee Summer 2015 - Fall 2015

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goIT is TCS's summer camp for introducing kids to STEM concepts through fun, team-based competitions. My responsibility was to create new competitions, from things like Lego programming and building challenges, using Kerbal Space Program, and MIT App Inventor.





Parallel Potato

Sidescrolling prototype of quantum immortality-inspired gameplay.

You Cannot Win

Death Star-inspired puzzle game providing a breakdown of the linear gameplay paradigm.


Sidescrolling exploration and turn-based combat game inspired by Mother and Gone Home.